Notika is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device.

Notio will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop if available.

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I wrote my last tutorial so I decided to prepare another one 🙂
Well, I don’t know if this post can be classified as a “tutorial” or it is more of an “explanation” but still, there are many Gantry 5 users who do not utilize the full power of the framework.

The goal of this article is to explain what an Outline is and how you can use them to customize the look and feel of your pages.
I will also give you some practical examples of what you can do with the Outlines 🙂

So, what an Outline actually is? Well, there is a pretty good explanation in the Outlines section in the official Gantry 5 documentation.
In short, the Outlines allow you to modify and customize individual pages. You create a new Outline, assign it to the page you want, modify the Outline settings and then those modifications will affect only this particular page. Basically, you use the Outlines to override the default theme settings that you have in the Base outline.

As I wrote in this blog post, all our Joomla templates come with a single Outline. We fill out the Layout of this Outline with module positions and then we use the Module Manager (and the “Gantry 5 Particle” module) to publish the modules and the particles on the pages we want. This is actually how Joomla works – you publish modules in Module Positions and assign them to Menu Items (Pages).
So far so good, but what happens if, for example, you want to change the style of a section only on one particular page? If you change the section style in the Base outline, the changes will be applied to all your pages! This is not quite what you wanted, right?

Adjust color, saturation, hue, and transparency quickly and easily.

Take advantage of the uniquely powerful Gantry 5 Color Picker and change your theme’s color scheme in seconds.

Font Awesome icons are awesome, and they’re supported natively in Notio.

Use Gantry 5’s powerful Icon Picker to easily add icons to menus, particles, and more.

Move, resize, and configure content in a matter of seconds with Layout Manager.

With drag-and-drop functionality and virtually limitless possibilities, Gantry 5’s Layout Manager makes setup a breeze.

Particles operate as customizable blocks that form the flesh of the frontend.

Notio features BG Slideshow, Slider, and Panel Slider particles.

The Styles settings allows for customizing the stylistic elements of the theme.

Customize colors for links, text, and backgrounds along with your desired font.